MC-21 Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) provide the lightweight and corrosion resistant properties of aluminum while significantly improving the strength, stiffness, wear resistance and reducing coefficient of thermal expansion.  MC-21's products can replace copper, steel, titanium and cast iron components in a number of industries.  Whether you are in Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Industrial, or Recreation, MC-21 has a material option that will fit your needs.

MC-21 offers the most advanced, yet cost effective Al-SiC in the world.  With very fine particle reinforcement, MC-21 Al-SiC MMC has excellent mechanical and thermal properties with the added benefit of reduced machining costs.  With the capability of rolling MMC, MC-21 can provide large quantities of MMC rolled sheet and plate at very economical prices.  Squeeze casting or investment casting allows for high volume production of complex shapes from MC-21 MMC ingots. 

Thermal Management of Power Devices

MC-21 Metal Matrix Composites for:

  • IGBT Baseplates

  • LED Packaging & Heat Sinks

  • Semiconductor Thermal Spreaders

  • Metal Backed Printed Circuit Boards

Automotive Applications

MC-21 Metal Matrix Composites for:

  • Brake Rotors & Assemblies

  • Engine Components

  • Powertrain Components

  • Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

Ballistic Armor
MC-21 Metal Matrix Composites for:

  • Improved Aluminum Armor Plate

  • Stiffening Layer for Applique Armor

  • Lighweighting Military Vehicles

  • Add-on, Up Armor Kit material

Power Sports
MC-21 Metal Matrix Composites for:

  • Disc Brake Rotors

  • Golf Clubs

  • Power Sports Equipment

  • and more

Contact MC-21 today to learn if your application can benefit from the use of MC-21 MMC:

Al-SiC MMC thermal spreader Cu Al CuW CuMo flip chip MCPCB IGBT HDD
Al-SiC MMC brake rotor cylinder liner metallic foam dampening hybrid lighweighting
Al-SiC MMC armor applique ceramic layered high stiffness FSP