Thermal Management

MC-21's Aluminum Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite (Al-SiC MMC) is the next generation in thermal management material.  With thermal conductivity equivalent to aluminum, MC-21 MMC can be tailored to match copper's coefficient of thermal expansion or reduce it by up to 40%.

Unlike the traditional Al-SiC suppliers, our MMC is produced by using many of the same high volume, low cost processes used by aluminum and copper producers.  By stamping sheet or squeeze casting into molds, we can tailor your heat spreader at half the cost of other MMC suppliers.

MC-21's MMC30 product is unrivaled in thermal management for the value it brings at an excellent price.  Capable of being rolled in sheet down to less than 1mm, MMC30 combines the thermal and mechanical benefits of Al-SiC to upgrade existing copper or aluminum-based designs, to improve reliability and performance for virtually the same cost.

MMC45, MC-21's latest innovation, takes CTE to the lowest level possible in Stir-Casting...approaching 10 ppm/C.  Contact MC-21 for further information on this unique material.