Automotive Applications

Brake Rotors

The exceptional wear resistance and thermal conductivity of MC-21's metal matrix composite makes it a prime candidate for light-weighting today's vehicles.  The largest impact in lightweighing is unsprung weight.  Replacing iron or steel brake rotors with MMC can result in as much as 50% reduction in unsprung mass.
MMC high stiffness to weight ratio, wear resistant cylinder liner girdle ladder housing
MMC lightweighting unsprung weight fuel efficiency

Engine Components

MC-21 Al-SiC MMC allows engine designers to replace iron and steel with aluminum-based MMC formulations by using Al-SiC where ordinary aluminum just doesn't stand up.  Whether as connecting rods, cylinder liners, bed plates or housings, MC-21 offers a variety of materials that can be cast to near net shape cost efficiently.

Capacity and Capability

MC-21 has an installed capacity to produce up to 1000 tons of MMC per year. For even higher volume needs, MC-21 can customize a Melting/Mixing system that can be installed in the foundry of your choosing.  Click here to view the basic process.