MC-21's unique Stir-Casting technology is unrivaled worldwide.  The process is able to produce ingots with particulate volume loadings as high as 50 weight percent.  Efficiency of the MC-21 process allows for very fine particle sizes to be mixed, increasing mechanical properties while reducing machining costs.  Years of experience allow MC-21 to roll 30 volume percent Al-SiC into sheets for further processing (ex. stamping, coining, shearing).

Key features of MC-21's Stir-Casting:

  • porosity eliminated
  • uniform distribution
  • full wetting of ceramic particles
  • no chemical interaction
  • high volume production
  • low manufacturing costs

Silicon Carbide based MMC

The most versatile product; MC-21's Al-SiC MMC offers not only structural improvements in strength/toughness as well as abrasion resistance, it also provides excellent thermal properties, such as high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).  Current formulations range from low reinforcement levels such as 20% by volume to as high as 45%.

Alumina based MMC

MC-21 utilizes various aluminum alloys together with alumina particulate reinforcement to provide higher strength and toughness products for your structural needs.  Applications can range from armor to brake rotors.  These products can be heat treated into T6 or other condition for even higher performance.

Boron Carbide based MMC

Adding an interesting dimension to MC-21's product portfolio, boron carbide (B4C) can be added to yield MMC sheet with neutron absorption characteristics required in the storage and/or transportation of radioactive materials.  Typical applications are storage components and casks.  Boron carbide also provides the highest Specific Stiffness characteristics of all the MMC's.  Contact us for more information.

...and More

MC-21's innovative approach to Stir-Casting opens the door to nearly endless possibilities.  Contact us today to review your needs for an improved aluminum-based material.

cast MMC high volume SiC Al-SiC low CTE high thermal conductivity
alumina aluminum oxide MMC metal matrix composite
b4c boron carbide MMC metal matrix composite nuclear neutron shield shielding high stiffness